l FRAGMENTZ™ - Rulebook

    FRAGMENTZ™ is recreation of fast-paced Korean Poker/Playing card deck called Hwatu(Battle of Flowers).  Once you fall into this new generation of playing cards, you will love more than old traditional playing cards.

    With a single deck of FRAGMENTZ™ 2-8 players can play two different types of battle games with many variations: 1) GO-STOP , 2) GREE and 3) GUTS. 

    Can you play solo games? Of course you can! With our awesome versatile FRAGMENTZ™ deck you can play the hidden solo games such as 12-SOL(Solitaire) or PYRAMID. The deck is designed to best fit GO-STOP and GREE but, you can be creative and build your own game utilizing the elements in the cards.



    The Go-Stop game is a well-known and maybe the most popular card game in Korea until this day. 


    Game Type: Playing Mechanism: Hand Manipulation, Set Collection, Betting and Bluffing, Push Your Luck, *Psychology.

    Age: 7+

    Players: 2, 3, 4


    The goal of Go-Stop is to capture cards from a central layout by playing a card of the same landscape(suit). The aim is to collect scoring combinations among the cards captured.  When a player's collection have a sufficient value, the player can declare ‘STOP' to end the game and claim points(payment)  Or, the player can continue the game declaring 'GO' taking the risk with the hope of winning more points and bonuses.

    *Fun Fact: In theory, the highest possible points a player can score in GO-STOP could be 8,250,000 points in 2-Player mode and more than 16,000,000 points in 3-Player mode!!!!!!

    Fragmentz Layout

    l THE DECK


    • FRAGMENTZ™ DECK - Available in Kickstarter and FRAGMENTZ™ online shop(
    • Poker Chips/ Any playing tokens/ Coins/ Notepad to score points  - As with any card game, GO-STOP is more enjoyable when there is a reward!

    A standard  deck of 48 cards is used plus a number of joker cards of your choice. Usually, 2(1x Castle,1x Triple-Land) or 3(2x Castle,1x Triple-Land) jokers are added but, you can make your own local rules!


    There are four cards that represent each landscape with 12 different suits. 
    The basic objective of the game is to match cards with their respective suits.
    You don’t need to memorize the suits to GO-STOP. Think of it as matching cards with a similar theme and design. For example, match the cards with swamp background with other cards that have swamp like suits.


    The cards are divided into 6 main-classes:

    Dragons - The cards with dragon symbol which all have dragon images on the card.

    Champions - Cards that typically have champions, monsters or characters on the cards. 

    Weapons - Cards that are identified with sword symbol and has different forms of weapons on the cards.

    Lands(Junks) - The most common cards in the deck. They are the plain versions in each suits.

    *Castle(=2xLand) - Cards that are equivalent to two Land cards. Has castle icon on top left corner.

    *Shifter - A card that can be used as Castle or Weapon card

    *Jokers - Cards that can be used as Castle and Trips(Triple-Land). You can set your local rule to utilize these cards in any form. 

    For usual game of GO-STOP 2 or 3 Jokers(2xCastle+1xTrips or 3xCastles) are added to the deck.

    Identifying the cards is simple to learn and is an important part to scoring the points at the end of the game.


    With FRAGMENTZ™ deck you can play 4 different game modes of GO-STOP depending on number of players.

    • 2 Players(HEADS-UP) - Exciting head-to-head battle using 10 cards. Base Score to win : 7 points or more (or local rule)
    • 3 Players(DELTA) - A Standard game mode of GO-STOP for 3. Base Score to win : 3 Points or more(or local rule) 
    • 4 Players(GRACE) - Another standard mode for 4 players but, with some playing rules. Base Score to win : 3 Points or more(or local rule)  
    A )Dealer cannot fold. Other Players can decide to play or to fold going counterclockwise from the dealer.  (However, a player cannot fold in back-to-back rounds)
    B). *If 2nd and 3rd player decide to play and the last player is forced  to fold unwillingly, the last player then becomes the SELLER who can sell the high class cards(Dragons, Castles, Shifter, Jokers) and get 2 points per selling card from the rest of the players. *Applicable cards to sell and the points per card may change depending on your local rule.
    C) After the SELLER’s sale of cards is done, the hands are taken to the center stock and reshuffled. Now, we are good to go!

    For  5 & 6 Players - Same as GRACE(4 Player)  mode. Only 3 players play each round and rest becomes a potential SELLER.  

    For the best gaming experience we recommend 2 ~ 4 Player modes.


    Now that you know about the cards, let’s  move on to how the cards are dealt and the general rules.

    Step 1) Select a dealer.
    The dealer is responsible for shuffling the cards, handing out the cards, and playing the first hand.
    Option A. Each pick a card randomly from a deck. Highest # card becomes the dealer.
    Option B. Roll a dice or play rock-paper-scissors to decide who becomes the dealer.
    *Then, the winner of each round afterwards will become the dealer.

    Step 2) Shuffle-up-and-Deal!

    Shuffle and DealAfter shuffling the cards several times, the player to the left of the dealer(“Last Player”) will "cut" the deck.
    The last player takes the cut portion of the deck and places it face down in the center of the table(“Stock”). Then, the dealer proceeds to hand out the cards. If the dealer runs out of cards to deal, then the stock will be used to continue the deal. Any remaining cards will be placed back on to the stock.
    The cards are dealt in a counterclockwise direction starting with the player to the right of the dealer. Once the dealer gets the cards, the cards are then dealt face up on the table. This process is repeated once. The game is usually played with 2-3 players.
    *No-cut : The last player can simply tap the deck if decides to not cut the deck. Then the all the cards are dealt to the each player all at once and on the board.

    The cards are dealt as follows:

    • 2 Players [HEADS-UP] - Each player gets 10 cards and 8 cards are face up on the board. (5 to each player and then 4 to the board. Repeat Once.).
    • 3 Players [DELTA] - Each player gets 7 cards and 6 cards are face up on the board. (4 to each player, 3 to the board, 3 to each player, and then 3 to the board.)
    • 4 Players [GRACE] - 3 play, 1 sells, Each player gets 7 cards and 6 cards are face up on the board. (4 to each player, 3 to the board, 3 to each player, and then 3 to the board.)
    • 5 & 6 Players  -  3 play, 1or 2 fold, 1 sells. Each player gets 7 cards and 6 cards are face up on the board. (4 to each player, 3 to the board, 3 to each player, and then 3 to the board.)

    *Joker(s) on the Flop: Dealer’s advantage!(Applies to all modes) The dealer takes the Joker(s) into own captured area and flip the stock card(s) from the top and place it on the flop.



    Fragmentz Hands Flop

    Step 3) There are some special conditions to look for before the game can begin. Each player should check if they hold 4 cards(“THE CROWN”) in same suit or if there are 3 cards in same suit on the board.

    1. “THE CROWN”(4 Cards) - If someone has a starting hand with all 4 cards in same suit, that person wins automatically with 5 points(or set your local rule).
      *Strategy Tip: Or the player can just play with the hands without declaring THE CROWN. Aim winning additional 4X bonus  points utilizing the cards with “FLASH”(2X) and “BOMB”(2X) in that round. 
    2. If everyone has a starting hand with all 4 cards in one set, the game ends in a draw.
    3. If the starting board has all 4 cards in one suit, the game ends without a winner.
    4. If the starting board has 3 cards in one suit, all 3 cards are stacked(“FLOP STACK”) to be taken with a match from the remaining card in the same suit.
    5. “FLASH” - A player who has three cards of the same suit in their hand may declare them at the start of any playing turn by showing them to the other player(s). It is a disadvantage to hold three cards of the same suit, and an even bigger disadvantage if your opponent(s) know that you have them. Nevertheless, if you win the round despite this disadvantage you get an extra bonus(2X your total points).


    l Time to Play!

    Fragmentz Card Match

    Step 4) 

    The dealer is the first person to play. 

    During each player's turn, they will:
    1. Play a card from their hand to the board.
    2. Flip the top card face up from the stock onto the board.
    3. Collect any pairs matched.

    If you have nothing in your hand that matches a card on the table, you still need to place a card on the board. Hopefully, the stock card you flip will match another card on the board!

    “Selection”- If there is already 2 cards of same suit on the board and you have a card in your hand that is a part of that suit, you can choose which pair you want on the board to collect.

    “STACK” - If there is already a matching pair on the board and the card you flip from the stock matches the pair, you leave that card on the board and stack the 3 cards together. *JOKERs will be binded to the STACK if it’s overlapped with the STACK.

    At the end of your turn, if you get any matching cards, you collect those cards to your capture area and let them be visible to your opponents. 

    The game continues until the player with enough points decides to stop the game if they have enough points or there are no cards left.


    l THE BOARD [Captured Area]

    Collected cards are placed by classes as below.

    Fragmentz Board

    Dragons (Far Left) - Weapons(Top Center) - Champions(Bottom Center)-Lands/Jokers/Castles(Far Right)

    Special events during the play:

    EVENT I : Certain special events allow the current player to take One Land card from each opponent:

    1. “ACE” - The player plays a card from hand that does not match anything in the board layout, and  draws a matching card from the stock, capturing the card just played.
    2. “VISTA” - The board has two cards of the same suit, and the player captures both of them using the other two cards of that suit (one from hand and one from stock).
    3. “SWEEP”- There are only two cards on the center board, belonging to different suits, and the player captures both of them, leaving the board empty.
    4. Taking “STACK”  - The player captures a STACK already on the board with fourth card of that suit from hand or the stock.
    5. “THE BOMB” -  Given that you did not “FLASH” and have three cards of the same suit in your hand. The fourth card of that suit is on the board. You can play three cards all at once, capturing all four cards throwing down at the card on the board. You complete your turn by flipping one stock card as usual.

    By playing BOMB leaves you with two less cards in your hand than you would normally have as you have played three cards instead of one. To compensate for this, in any two turns (not necessarily your next turns but at any later turns in the same round) you may if you wish play no card from your hand and simply play from the stock. After exercising this option twice you will once again have the normal number of cards. After using BOMB, it’s better not to play from your hand if unable to capture anything from the board. Also, it’s better to hold onto your hands as your opponents might be waiting to capture when they appear.

    EVENT II : Certain special events allow the current player to take TWO Land cards or equivalent  from each opponent:

  • Taking “OWN STACK”-  If a player takes their OWN STACK other players have to give 2 land cards or equivalent  to that player
  • “ACE & SWEEP” - SWEEPing the pre blank board at your turn with ACE.

    *In the of EVENT I & II a player doesn’t have to surrender any Land cards if there’s no Land captured. 

    **If a player only has one Castle, Shifter or Joker captured you surrender the card even in EVENT I(surrender 1 Land card).

    ***EVENT I & II does not count on the last hand played.


    If you make a total of three STACKS during the round, that round ends and each opponent pays you base score points.


    EVENT IV : “Making Consecutive STACKS”: 

    1. “FRESH STACK” - The very first hand that a player plays become a stack. Gets the base points from the opponent(s) immediately.
    2. “RUNNER” - Player makes 2nd consecutive stack. Gets 2X the base points from the opponent(s) immediately.
    3. “HAT-TRICK” - Player makes 3rd consecutive stack. Gets 3X the base points from the opponent(s) immediately. The round also ends as hat-trick player achieved the triple stacker simultaneously. Ex) Total win 42pt=(A.3pt+B.6pt+C.9pt+Triple Stacker.3pt)x2


    Playing JOKERS

    Jokers are the bonus cards which adds element of luck and excitement which gives the underdog a chance to upset the leader in the game. 

    Using Joker - Either from your hand or by picking one up from the stock -  it’s placed directly on your capture area facing up, and immediately turn up a card from the stock which you must play as a substitute for the joker. Which means that when you play a joker you get to turn up two cards from the top of the stock.

    If any jokers are dealt on the flop at the start of the game, the dealer gets the jokers and moves them to own captured area and replaces them in the by turning equal number of cards from the stock.

    Usually Go-Stop games are played with two jokers: one as Double and the other counts as Triple

    l Ending The Play and Scoring

    Total Points The Winner Gets From the opponent(s) separately

     = [A) Final Captured Points + B)*GO Points/Multiplier + C)Bonus Multiplier] x D) Each opponent’s Curse(Penalty Multiplier)


    It’s also important to keep track of your captured cards and opponents’ while playing to improve your strategy and block opponents’ intents.

    Points by the card class combinations:

    • DRAGONS(D): Dragon set counts from collecting more than 3 dragon cards.
    3 DRAGONS: 3 points
    3 DRAGONS including Imoogi(#12 Dragon): 2 points
    4 DRAGONS: 4 points
    5 DRAGONS: 15 points. This automatically puts other players on *dragon curse(2X penalty multipier). If you only scored with 5 Dragon combo you get 30 points(15pt X2) from each opponent(s).


    • WEAPONS(W): Capture any 5 Weapon cards=1 point, and increases by 1 point after each additional weapon
    Birds of Prey Fragmentz
    *BIRDS OF PREY(BOP): Special combination of below three weapon cards. +5 points
    #2W - #3W - #7W: All of these cards have Bird type creatures in the cards.
    *If you gathered 6 Weapons including BOP:  7 pts = 2(6W)+5(BOP)

    • CHAMPIONS(C): Capture any 5 Champion cards= 1 point, and increases by 1 point after each additional Champion.
    Fragmentz Bloodlines
    *Blood Lines: Easily identifiable by the color of head symbol on the top left corner.
    Red Line / #1C - #8C - #10C : +3 points
    Blue Line / #6C - #7C - #9C : +3 points
    Green Line / #2C - #4C - #5C : +3 points
    *If you gathered 7 Champions including 2 A&B Blood sets: 9 pts= 3(7W)+3(A)+3(B)

    *The Gathering: Assemble all 10 Champion cards = 15 pts & 2X multiplier

    • LANDS(L): 10 LAND cards 1 point. Each additional land card +1 point. (Castle=2L, Shifter =2L, Joker=2 or 3L)

    B) “GO Points & Multiplier”: When a certain player on their turn captures base score point or more he/she can either 1) call “STOP” to get payment and become the dealer of the next round or 2) Call “GO” play remaining hands with hopes of getting more scores.


    • 1st GO : Final Captured Points +1
    • 2nd GO : Final Captured Points +2
    • 3rd GO : [Final Captured Points +3] x 2
    • 4th GO : [Final Captured Points +4] x 4
    • 5th GO : [Final Captured Points +5] x 8
    • 6th GO : [Final Captured Points +6] x 16

    ***While you are in the GO Mode and EVENT I,II OR III occurs to the opponent(s) and you surrender your land cards, you must exceed the last score you have declared GO with in order to call more GOs or STOP.


    C) “Bonus Multiplier” for winner of the round if :

    • FLASH or BOMB : 2 x Final Captured Points. 

    *Rarely happens in the game but, if you’ve exercised additional FLASH or BOMB multiply 2X more. 

    • *REGAME : 2 x Final Captured Points. *If the prior round had no winner and dealt the cards again.


    D) Finally, multiply the  “CURSE(or Penalty)” of the opponent(s) separately:

    • LAND CURSE : 2X multiplier, 1) The winner made 1 or more  points with land cards and 2) the losing opponent(s) have 5 or less(7 or less for Heads-Up) land cards. However, if the opponent(s) has no land card captured that player is free from the land curse.
    • DRAGON CURSE : 2X multiplier, 1) The winner made points with dragon cards and 2) the losing opponent(s) does not have any dragon cards.
    • WEAPON CURSE : 2X multiplier, The winner made points with 7 or more weapon cards. 


    Scoring Example:

    Winner  : 4 Dragons + 15 Lands + Birds of Prey + 5 Creatures / 3 GO/ Bomb 

        = ((16 pt + 3pt(3GO))x2)x2 = 76 winner points

    Loser1: Land curse & Dragon Curse 

        = Winner Points x 2 x 2 = 304 pt needs to pay to winner 

    Loser2: Land curse = Winner Points x 2 

        = 152 pt needs to pay to winner



    SNATCH!” - GO Curse:

    When a player has entered the ‘GO mode(1st or higher)’ and one of the opponent MADE the base points or higher. Then the player who originally declared GO becomes the sole candidate loser and get SNATCHED. SNATCH happens due to Event I ~IV as the leading player makes stack on his turn  or loses land card(s) to opponents which fails to record point higher than the last GO.The round can be stopped on snatch or the new leading person can continue to play on. The SNATCHED player pays 2 times whatever the winner has scored. In case of SNATCH the other player is exempt from paying points to the winner and the loser is paying for it. 

    *SNATCH & STOP = SNATCHED player pays 2X of winner points. 

     **SNATCH & GO = 2X multiple and 2X multiple on each additional GOs.

    Example) Player 1 Snatched Player 2 and wins with 10 points with 3 GOs. Player 2 is the sole loser and pays 10x2(Snatch penalty)x8(3 GO multiplier) = 160 pts to Player 1. 


    This was the last rule of the game for GO-STOP. The rule may be daunting at first but, you will get used to it in no time  playing with your friends, family and colleagues! 




    l GAME MODE 2 : GREE



    GREE is another big style of game next to GO-STOP using the FRAGMENTZ™ deck. The playing rules resembles with conventional Texas Hold’em using 2 cards in each players hand. However, there are no community cards flopped on the board and uses GREE’s own hand rank called ‘PEDIGREE’. GREE is probably the fastest, most psychological, and exciting game for 2-8 players(theoretically up to 10) can enjoy together with FRAGMENTZ™.



    Game Type: Bluffing, Betting, Strategy, Mind Games

    Age: 14+

    Players: 2 - 10 (Best 4-6)


    l Preparations:

    *Tournament Standard GREE(TSG) :

    • 20 Card-Deck
    • 2~9 Players
    • Showdown(2+1 card play) 

    The Tournament Standard GREE(TSG) uses twenty cards from the FRAGMENTZ™ deck. When doing it this way the #11 and #12 suit cards are removed from the deck along with the land(or junk) cards from each landscapes.

    Gree Cards Fragmentz

    Full Deck Version - 40 Cards / 2~10 Players

    GREE can also be played using 40 cards. To play this remove the #11 and #12 suit cards from the deck as well as the jokers(bonus cards).

    As the depth of the deck get deeper, it decreases the chance of getting high ranked pedigrees(combinations)


    l How-to-Play

    There are two main structure you can choose to play GREE : 2-card GREE and 3-card GREE. We recommend playing 2-card 


    [SHOWDOWN] Tour Standard GREE

    At the beginning of the game two cards are dealt face down to each player.

    After this the players look at their cards and the betting round begins.

    Next, 1 community card is dealt face up on the center table. This community card is shared by all players and each player uses the best 2 cards out of 3 cards(including community card). 

    The last set of betting commences (This can be up to 4 rounds). After all betting is completed the players open their cards and the player with the highest hand claims the pot and the next game commences.

    Players uses the best 2 cards out of 3 cards(including community card).


    [RIVER] 3-Card GREE 

    At the beginning of the game two cards are dealt to each player. Each player selects one card to show the rest of the table. Then a single round of betting commences. At the end of the round of betting each player is dealt one more card. Then the last set of betting commences (This can be up to 4 rounds). After all betting is completed the players open their cards and the player with the highest hand claims the pot and the next game commences.


    [CLASH] 2-Card GREE

    At the beginning of the game two cards are dealt to each player. After this the players look at their cards and the betting round begins. After all betting is completed the players open their cards and the player with the highest hand in the PEDIGREE claims the pot and the next game commences. Betting type: Pot-limit, No-limit

    *Ante or Small-blind, Big-blind optional.

    l THE PEDIGREE (Hand Rank)


      l GAME MODE 3 : GUTS


      GUTS uses 48 cards from FRAGMENTZ deck and it can be played with relatively many people.

      Objective of this game is pretty much self-implied from its name. Each player needs to draw a card #suit that is between your hands and make a gut shot. Plus, you need some GUTS to take the risk and bet to win the pot!

      l How to Play

      1.First, prepare standard 48-card deck without any jokers.

      2.Next, decide who is going to be the dealer by randomly selecting cards.

      3.Then, Each players get two cards(deal 1 card each counterclockwise. Repeat once more) hidden to start with. Based on the two cards received, the player bets and draws the third card from the center stock.

      l Now for the in-game action!

      1.Ante up!- Each player makes equal contribution to the pot before the cards are dealt. (Local Rules)

      2.Deal - Dealer deals two cards to each player counterclockwise face down. After the card is dealt remaining deck('stock') is placed in the center board.

      3.Start the bet! - Starting from the dealer each player takes turn to either bet or fold.

      When a player decides that he/she can draw a card that is between your hands, the player reveals the hand, make a bet and takes the third card from the center stock and opens.

      All bets are pot limit. The player can only make a bet up to the pot amount. If the third card is between and not equal to your first two cards then the player claims the bet amount from the pot.

      For example, if your first two card is (2 , 11) and the third card drawn from the stock is between them, you win your bet. If you pick a card same as your hands 2 or 11, it's a draw and the player takes back the bet. Any number lower than 2 or higher than 11, it's a bust and loses the bet.

      4.The cards used or folded are put away to the side shown faced up. Folded cards are also revealed.

      5.Ending the round.
      The round ends when the pot is empty or the all players have made their play once. This means that player of later turn may not have a chance to bet if the pot gets empty in front of him/her.


      l Detail Rules

      Terms and Events

      *1 to 11 : The hand that has the highest spread which has the highest chance of winning hand.

      *Gutshot! - Regardless of the spread of your hand you can declare "Gutshot!" which means that a player will bet the full amount in the pot.

      Event 1 - #12
      If one of the card received is XII(12) the player must fold.

      Event 2 - Pocket pair
      If a player received the same #suit such as (4,4), (7,7), or (11,11) the player takes back ante from the pot. Turn goes to the next player. Exception: (12,12) See Event 3.

      Event 3 - Full Moon)
      Pocket pair of XII(12) Suit. The player harvests the pot and the round ends. The player becomes the dealer.

      Event 4- Roll over
      If everyone folds or there's leftover in the pot after a round. Dealer reshuffles the deck and deal. The pot gets rolled over the the next round(no antes).

      GUTS will be fast and casual game everyone can enjoy in family gathering or at parties!



      l GAME MODE 4 : 12-SOL

      12-SOL is an excellent solo game to play while enjoying the FRAGMENTZ artwork. Similar to the  traditional solitaire game, this game it's basically about gathering the same Landscape(or the Suit #) to complete to game. You can battle 1 vs 1 with your friends to see who gathers the most Landscape or complete the all set faster.

      PYRAMID, 12-SOL
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