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NFT RAFFLE Social Sharing Event

LACC 2021 Event Winners!

Fragmentz LACC Raffle Event
This event has ended


LA Comic Con Exclusive Event!!!!!!
Your chance to win the 1st FRAGMENT NFT, Artist Limited Edition Card Game and much more! 

Please complete the following 3 steps to enter into
FRAGMENTZ Super Rare NFT Raffle Event 

  • Step 1) Complete the Sign-up Form on the main page pop-up.
    If you already did you are awesome! 

  • Step 2) Take any photo of FRAGMENTZ booth, Cards, Deck, Posters or our lovely staff :)

  • Step 3) Share it on your Social Media!
    See the instructions below:
    • Tag @fragmentz_game to the photo
    • Add 2 Hashtags in the desciption: #fragmentz #fragmentznft
  • Wait until the end of the Comic Con to see if you have won. We will post the winner and the prizes after the event. Also, each winners will be notified to your registered email.


Thank you,